Kyodo News
June 16, 2022

Japan ruling party vows to boost nation’s defense in election pledges

Japan’s ruling party pledged Thursday ahead of a House of Councillors election to “fundamentally” reinforce the country’s defense capability and increase relevant spending in the next five years, as Russia’s war against Ukraine has raised calls for a more robust posture.

The Liberal Democratic Party has in mind a target of roughly doubling the country’s defense spending to 2 percent or more of gross domestic product, in line with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.


“There is no economy or anything else unless we can defend our territory or sovereignty,” Sanae Takaichi, the LDP’s policy chief, told a press briefing.


The LDP will continue to seek a revision to the Constitution for the first time since it was promulgated in 1946, saying that it will “update” the supreme law drafted under the U.S.-led Allied occupation of Japan after World War II.