U.S. European Command
June 10, 2022

USEUCOM, NATO Staff Talks Reinforce Collaboration and Synchronization

U.S. European Command and NATO Supreme Headquarters Allied Command Europe leaders met this week for staff talks, reinforcing the strong collaboration and synchronization between the two organizations.
During this critical time, our ability to align and synchronize our efforts has never been more important. This is an opportunity for leaders to advance the convergence of EUCOM priorities and planning efforts with those of NATO – as one of 30 members of the Alliance.

The staff talks were initiated in 2018 to strengthen transparency and understanding between the U.S. and NATO. German Navy Adm. Joachim Ruhle led the SHAPE staff, and Maj. Gen. Lamontagne led the USEUCOM Staff.


Subject matter experts from both staffs addressed aligning planning and exercise efforts and discussed the NATO force model. They also spoke about the importance of developing a common understanding of multi-domain operations.