June 30, 2022

US Ambassador: Georgia’s status as “very strong partner” of NATO shown by Summit participation

Kelly Degnan, the United States Ambassador to Georgia, on Thursday said Georgia was a “very strong partner” of NATO, as demonstrated by the participation of the Georgian Government’s high-level delegation in the ongoing Madrid Summit of the alliance.

Degnan stressed the Summit was a display of NATO’s “unity” in the face of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

“…I think that the summit was also an opportunity for Georgia to regalvanize around the steps that Georgia needs to make. Many of them are the very same kinds of reforms that are being called for in Georgia’s European Union candidate status”, the Ambassador said.

In her comments, Degnan also noted the work done to promote the European Union membership candidate status for Georgia would also benefit the country’s NATO membership process, as “these are the same kinds of political and democratic reforms”.

“It’s important to remember: NATO is a political-military Alliance. That means it has military standards that must be met as well as political standards that must be met….”