November 18, 2022

Georgian, Romanian defence ministers discuss cooperation, security matters

Security challenges of the Black Sea region and the importance of developing partnership between the countries of the region were discussed on Friday in a meeting between Georgian defence minister Juansher Burchuladze and his Romanian counterpart Angel Tîlvăr.

The meeting between the two ministers was held in Bulgaria, where the South East European Defence Ministerial was taking place….

The officials agreed to “further strengthen” joint efforts for the security of the Black Sea region, with Burchuladze noting the establishment of a strategic partnership between the two countries was “very important”.

The ministers also discussed questions of bilateral cooperation between the defence agencies of Georgia and Romania and focused on Georgia’s aspiration to join European and Euro-Atlantic structures….[NATO and its adjunct, the EU]

In the meeting, they also highlighted the “important role” of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package and Romania’s contribution to the successful implementation of its initiatives.

Burchuladze thanked his counterpart for the “significant contribution” to supporting the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Georgia [the military subjugation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as attempted in 2008] and the Euro-Atlantic integration of the country.