The U.S. carrier strike groups each have three or four interceptor missile warships attached to them. American “missile defense” destroyers and cruisers are assigned to other NATO members’ carrier strike groups as well.


Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
November 17, 2022

Five Allied Carrier Strike Groups patrol waters in NATO’s area of operations

Five Allied aircraft carriers will be operating in the Atlantic Ocean and the North and Mediterranean Seas in November, as part of their regularly scheduled activities.

This occurrence presents an opportunity for Allied nations to coordinate credible combat power throughout the Euro-Atlantic Area and showcases NATO cohesion and interoperability.

Participating forces comprise the Carrier Strike Groups (CSG) formed in support of the French Navy Charles De Gaulle, the Italian Navy ITS Cavour, the United Kingdom Royal Navy Queen Elizabeth, and the United States Navy’s George H.W. Bush and Gerald R. Ford.

Although each nation’s forces are operating in support of their own mission objectives, the advanced cooperation shows unity towards the collective defence of the Alliance. Ships and assets from various allies and partners are included in the groups, and the activity is coordinated with the Standing NATO Maritime Groups 1 and 2.


“Five carriers within our operating area presents a further opportunity to consolidate our approach to air defence, cross-domain cooperation and maritime-land integration,” [NATO Allied Maritime Command Vice Admiral Keith Blount] said.

NATO photos: USS George H.W. Bush
ITS Cavour
The world’s only non-U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier, the Charles de Gaulle.