November 22, 2022

NATO allies test air defence system in Romania with simulated attack

NATO allies on Wednesday conducted a military exercise to test air and missile defences in Romania….

A French air defence system deployed to Romania repelled a simulated attack by allied fighter jets, NATO’s Allied Air Command in Ramstein in western Germany said.

Turkish F-16 fighter jets, Spanish Eurofighters, U.S. growler aircraft designed for electronic warfare and French Rafale jets flying from the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle participated in the exercise, it added.

…NATO spokesperson Oana Lungescu said…the alliance had added more fighter jets and surveillance aircraft on patrol, along with more ground-based air defences and air-defence-capable ships at sea.


Several other allies have also moved such weapons to NATO’s eastern flank…German Patriot fire units are deployed to Slovakia, the United States is operating Patriots in Poland, and Spain sent NASAMS systems to Latvia.