The nation that scrupulously maintained strict neutrality during the entirety of the Cold War. In conjunction with its neighbor and fellow former neutral Sweden, Finland provided NATO with troops for the war in Afghanistan, years before Crimea became part of Russia and the current war in Ukraine commenced. Please note. Tactical and other nuclear weapons can be placed on its soil under provisions of the NATO burden sharing/nuclear sharing arrangement. – RR


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November 23, 2022

Wednesday’s papers: Nato enthusiasm, Sámi controversy, winter power gap

Helsingin Sanomat is among the morning papers that carry the results of a new poll on backing for Nato membership published on Wednesday by the Finnish Business and Policy Forum (Eva), a Helsinki-based think-tank.

According to this poll, 78 percent of respondents now back Finland’s Nato membership. Only eight percent were either quite or very negative about membership in the alliance.

Eva’s last poll on the subject was carried out at the beginning of March, before Finland’s decision to apply for membership. At that time, 60 percent supported joining Nato.

Pollsters found a significant change in attitude among women since last spring. In March, less than half of female respondents supported Nato membership. This time, 75 percent of women polled view Finland’s membership positively.

Men continue to voice a higher level of backing for Nato membership – 83 percent in this latest poll, compared to 75 percent in the spring.

A slight majority, 53 percent of respondents, agreed that Finland should be open to all forms of cooperation within Nato and also accept military bases on Finnish territory, if deemed necessary. A quarter rejected the idea.


A Helsingin Sanomat survey published during the summer showed even higher support for Nato membership than in this new Eva poll. The HS poll published in June found 79 percent of Finnish citizens who were polled in support of Nato membership.

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