Georgian Ministry of Defense
December 1, 2022

Minister of Defense of Georgia met with General Christopher Cavoli

The Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe and the Commander of the US European Command, General Christopher Cavoli , is visiting Georgia. The American general was hosted by the Minister of Defense of Georgia Juansher Burchuladze at the Ministry of Defense. The minister emphasized the importance of close, successful and growing cooperation with the main strategic partner of Georgia. He thanked the American side and the US European Command directly for the assistance provided in the field of defense, for strengthening the…capability of our country, and for the great contribution to the training of the Georgian military.

[T]he initiative to strengthen Georgia’s [military] has moved the US-Georgia strategic partnership to a qualitatively new stage. At the meeting, they discussed the…ongoing war in Ukraine and the challenges in the Black Sea region.

Today, General Christopher Cavoli met with the Commander of the Defense Forces of Georgia, Major General Giorgi Matiashvili. The Georgian and American generals once again noted the contribution of Georgia and the role of Georgian military personnel in the process of ensuring global security and talked about the ongoing reforms in the Georgian Defense Forces.

U.S. viceroy Kelly Degnan on left with the brass.