Georgian Ministry of Defense
December 2, 2022

US European Command chief highlights “fantastic progress” made by Georgian defence forces

General Christopher Cavoli, the commander of the United States European Command, on Thursday highlighted “fantastic progress” made by the Georgian defence forces over the years.

In his remarks at the Georgian defence ministry, Cavoli noted it was “important” to ensure Georgia was able to maintain its…sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“The Georgian defence forces have made fantastic progress over the years, professionalising the force, and becoming the sort of serious military force that is capable of defending this nation”, Cavoli said.


Cavoli also stressed that the military cooperation between the two countries was going “extremely well”.

Georgia’s strategic partnership with the US and the cooperation between the two countries were discussed on Thursday in a meeting between prime minister Irakli Garibashvili and Cavoli.

Garibashvili thanked the general for supporting the country’s Euro-Atlantic integration process and emphasised the importance of the visit.

Photograph: Georgian Ministry of Defense