Allied Air Command
December 19, 2022

UK Fighters Cooperate with French Strike Group in the Eastern Mediterranean

In a demonstration of Joint Air Power capability, Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets conducted Air Integration training with Rafale fighter jets alongside the Charles de Gaulle Carrier Strike Group on December 16.

From their location in the Eastern Mediterranean, Typhoons took part in Exercise OLYMPUS DAWN flying with Rafale multi-role fighter jets as well as conducting Air Maritime Integration with the Carrier Strike group.

The exercise conducted over two days over the Mediterranean saw the Typhoons practice simulated long-range missile employment based on radar tracks of the opposing fighters before closing to do visual combat training (dog fighting). An RAF Voyager tanker provided air-to-air refueling to extend the time on task for the fighters. The Typhoons also simulated attacks on the Carrier Strike group to testing their response to approaching missiles and enemy aircraft.


“The sorties flown with the French Navy have been a great opportunity to develop the interoperability between the two forces flying different aircraft types. It has also provided essential Air Maritime Integration opportunities for the Carrier Strike Group and French and British pilots alike,” the Mission Commander said describing the Exercise. “The exercise sends a strong strategic message that we remain committed in the Eastern Mediterranean as a coalition, combat ready and able to work seamlessly with our partners in the region,” he added.

Since November 15, the French Carrier Strike Group has conducted Operation ANTARES in close cooperation with other Allied naval forces….Joining forces with the USS George H.W. Bush and the Italian Cavour, the Charles de Gaulle form a credible intervention force on the Alliance’s eastern flank.

British Typhoons. Photo: NATO.