Defense News
December 30, 2022

New in 2023: US troops in Europe to continue deployments, training

Roughly 20,000 troops mobilized in Europe in support of NATO since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are on track to stay in place going into the new year, training not only with local partners, but with Ukrainian troops outside of their country.

The Pentagon announced Dec. 15 that monthly rotations of 500 Ukrainian troops would travel to U.S. Army ranges in Germany for combined arms maneuver training, an effort to reinforce their formations….

In Lithuania, the U.S. will upgrade its periodic deployments…the U.S. embassy announced Dec. 7. Units will include a field artillery battery and an armored element with several hundred soldiers.

As President Biden has said, we are committed to defending every inch of NATO territory,” U.S. Ambassador Robert Gilchrist said in a release….

Pentagon officials have said there are no current plans to draw down U.S. military presence in Europe, which numbers roughly 100,00 troops since spring 2022.