January 13, 2023

Ukraine declared itself a “De Facto Member of NATO” and Warned of a New Russian Offensive

“Ukraine has de facto become a member of NATO, and this reality may soon be shaped legally.” Such confidence was expressed by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksii Reznikov, in an interview with the Russian edition of the BBC.

Ukraine as a country and its armed forces have become members of NATO. De facto, but not de jure. Because we have weapons and an understanding of how to use them,” were Reznikov’s words, published on a day when Russia again raised the issue of future talks with Ukraine and stated that if they are renewed, they should be direct.


“,,,It is true. It is a fact. I am confident that in the nearest future we will become a member of NATO and de jure.”

We have resources from all of NATO, even more than from NATO – we have resources from the entire Ramstein club, over 50 countries – allies in the fight against the Kremlin,” he said.