Polish Radio
January 23, 2023

Poland prepares for arrival of Patriot air defence system from Germany: deputy PM

A deputy prime minister has said that Poland is preparing for the arrival and installation of a Patriot air defence system from Germany.

Mariusz Błaszczak made the announcement at a news conference in the western Polish city of Poznań on Monday….


The German army was due to start the transfer of two Patriot batteries to Poland on Monday….

Designed to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank, the batteries will be stationed in Poland’s eastern Lubelskie province, some 60 kilometres from the Ukrainian border….

German soldiers tasked with installing the batteries in Poland have already been deployed near the eastern town of Zamość….

In all, Berlin has promised to supply Poland with three batteries of the Patriot air defence system, officials said.

Last week, Błaszczak told Polish Radio that the Patriot batteries “will be integrated into the Polish command system.”


[Błaszczak] told reporters that “thanks to pressure from Poland, both Germany and the United States have committed to sending the Patriot system to Ukraine”….

“We are deeply convinced that the same will be the case with Leopard tanks,” Błaszczak said.