That is, the largest army of any strictly European nation, Russia and Turkey then being excluded. With armed forces consisting of over 300,000 troops (up from the current level of 164,000), the Polish army will dwarf in comparison any of the four European members of the NATO Quint: France, 205,000. Britain, 194,000. Germany, 184,000. Italy, 170,000. – RR


Polish Press Agency
January 29, 2023

Polish army rapidly expanding: defense minister

Poland is rapidly expanding and modernizing its armed forces in the face of Russia’s invasion of neighbouring Ukraine, Defense Minister Mariusz Błaszczak said at the weekend.

Speaking at an oath-taking ceremony for new Territorial Defense Force soldiers in the eastern city of Lublin, Błaszczak thanked all the new servicemen and women for joining the Polish army and encouraged others to follow suit.

He told those gathered that the Polish army “must increase its size and modernize the armaments.”

That is why new Territorial Defense Force brigades are being created….


“New professional army units are being created,” Błaszczak said in Lublin, adding that Poland aims to expand its armed forces to “at least 300,000 uniformed personnel.”

“The ultimate target is 50,000 Territorial Defense Force members and 250,000 professional soldiers,” he told those at the oath-taking ceremony.

“Today we have 164,000 servicemen and women in various units under arms,” he said.