The Sun
February 5, 2023

Brit soldiers brave -12C temperatures in brutal Nato war games with tanks & helicopters just 80 miles from Russia

British soldiers are facing temperatures as low as -12 as they take part in Nato war games just 80 miles from Russia.

Flying in Chinook helicopters and charging round the snow-covered forests with tanks, the squaddies are ready for anything in the icy conditions of eastern Estonia.


On the vast military base, about the size of 15,000 football pitches, Brit troops along with other Nato forces, including the native Estonian army, have been building up for huge war games featuring heavy armour, helicopters, and rocket launchers.

Many of the soldiers have been here in the tiny Baltic nation bordering Russia for the past five months, conducting training drills and improving their battle readiness.

All of their hard work will pay off as they take part in Nato’s enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroup.

They have a possible enemy nearby…they are aware they are in a risky situation.

One British tank driver, a Lance Corporal in the King’s Royal Hussars tank regiment, said the exercises demonstrate the closeness of the Nato forces.

…”It is important for the Estonians to see all of us from Nato here. It allows us to reassure them. To show them that Nato and the West are with them.

“They have a possible enemy nearby,” he added. “They are aware they are in a risky situation.”


In a basecamp built among the frosted woods, a Bulldog FV432 armoured personnel carrier, a Panther protected patrol vehicle, and a Danish Piranha tank hulk over the surrounding soldiers.

Two young soldiers show off their battalion flag – a white skull on a black background with the slogan “Victory or Valhalla”.