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February 17, 2023

Ned Price Says ‘People’s Power’ Initiated Draft Law Threatens Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic Integration

A group of deputies who left the ‘Georgian Dream’ initiated a bill in the parliament “on the transparency of foreign influence” according to which, the sources of income of politicians, NGOs and media should be transparent to the public.

Ned Price, the spokesperson of the United States State Department responded and said that they are deeply concerned about the bill submitted to the Parliament of Georgia.

As Price noted at the briefing…Washington has already expressed its concern on the mentioned issue to the Georgian side.

…Price stated that such a law will create a potential threat to Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration. According to his statement, it is false that this bill of “People’s Power” is based on American laws.

“We are seriously concerned…..The proposed law will force the independent citizens of Georgia, those citizens who yearn for a better future, to remain silent.

“We believe that such a law can create a potential threat to Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic integration…,” said Ned Price.