NATO Allied Air Command
March 14, 2023

One team, two tasks – Dutch F-35s support NATO’s Deter and Defend mission

Since end of January, eight Royal Netherlands Air Force F-35 fighter jets have been deployed to Malbork Air Base in Poland. With their presence, they contribute to NATO’s Deter and Defence mission along the eastern flank flying Air Policing sorties and training with Allies in the region.

“Our jets have been closely integrated into NATO’s Deter and Defend posture here at Malbork with our twofold mission,” said Lieutenant Colonel Guido Schols, commander of the 160-strong F-35 detachment. “Under the control of the Polish Air Operations Centre in Warsaw and NATO’s Combined Air Operations Centre at Uedem we have monitored the skies and conducted regular training activities with Allies showcasing our F-35s’ capability across the spectrum of combined and joint Air Power missions,” he added.

During their stay at Malbork Air Base, the Royal Netherland Air Force F-35s conducted combined flying e.g. with French Rafale fighters.

The 5th generation fighter jets have executed approx. 150 sorties with some 300 flight hours. They launched four times on alert scrambles to identify, intercept and escort Russian military aircraft flying near Alliance borders above the Baltic Sea. During their training, Lieutenant Colonel Schols’ pilots flew missions simulating Defensive Counter Air, Integrated Air and Missile Defence, Suppression and Destruction of Enemy Air Defence, Basic Fighter Manoeuvres, Air Combat Manoeuvre and Training Intercepts with French, German, Polish and US jets, NATO AWACS and Allied Surface- Based Air and Missile Defence systems.


Dutch F-35s conducted their first operational NATO deployment abroad in Bulgaria in 2022 supporting the Alliance’s enhanced Air Policing in the southeastern area….“A lot of lessons learned from our stay in Bulgaria have enabled our team here in Poland. Moreover, Malbork is not unknown to the Royal Netherlands Air Force ; back in 2014 we were among the first Allies who deployed fast jets here – at the time our F-16s…,” he added….

Photo: Royal Netherlands Air Force