Allied Air Command
March 17, 2023

General Christopher Cavoli is top commander of U.S. European Command and NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander, Europe. General James Hecker is simultaneously commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe/U.S. Air Forces Africa and NATO’s Allied Air Command.


NATO Air Chiefs discuss how to further accelerate Air and Space Power integration

Allied and Partner Air Chiefs came together on Ramstein Air Base for the bi-annual NATO Air Chiefs’ Symposium (NACS) on 16 March hosted by General James Hecker.

…This iteration had topics covering an update on NATO’s Air Shielding effort on the eastern flank of the Alliance and requirements for a counter-Integrated Air Defence System capability. Discussions also focused on how to upgrade and further improve air bases for combat operations and to accelerate NATO’s Integrated Air and Missile Defence efforts.

The Supreme Allied Commander Europe, General Christopher Cavoli was connected to the Symposium via VTC and shared his vision with NATO’ Air and Space community….

“It is a great pleasure to host senior representatives from NATO’s Air Forces again here at HQ AIRCOM for 2023’s first iteration of the NATO Air Chiefs’ Symposium. This is always a great opportunity to strengthen relationships and improve communications amongst each other,” said General James Hecker Commander Allied Air Command and US Air Forces Europe/Africa….

The symposium ended with closing remarks from General Hecker and the CSEL conference wrap-up. “NATO, and its Air Forces, are facing a very dynamic security environment, one that recently has become more complex, fast moving and demanding,” he said….

Photograph: NATO Allied Air Command