Allied Air Command
March 30, 2023

Allied and Finnish fighters integrate over the Baltic States

Allied and Partner fighter aircraft conducted a large-scale training exercise over the Baltic States, March 29.

Finnish F/A-18s landed in Amari Air Base, Estonia and took part in large-scale training drills over the Baltic States with up to 20 fighters involved. Allied units based along NATO’s eastern flank including French Rafales, US F-15s, Dutch F-35s, Estonian L-39s and Eurofighters from the joint British and German detachment in Estonia were involved in the exercise….

“This exercise trains for the integration of high-end Allied and Partner capabilities, enhancing our ability to deliver combat air power that is greater than the sum of its parts”….“The ability to cooperate across a multination domain strengthens our collective defence and demonstrates our ability to effectively interoperate in the Baltic region, and across all NATO and future NATO territory.”


“The Finnish Air Force works regularly with NATO Partners to enhance our shared security and stability in Europe, this includes exercises and training events in the Baltic Sea Region and High North.” Said Vesa Vasara, Finland’s Ambassador to Estonia….


“There will never be a limit to going for even better NATO-interoperability….The participation of Finnish F/A-18s is highly welcome in this phase, offering the opportunity to train in an even more multinational environment with our future NATO ally”, said Annette Klein, German Ambassador to Estonia.

The Finnish Air Force already…cooperates closely with the Alliance in exercises and training events in the Baltic Sea Region and High North. Constant training activities like these are performed regularly across the Euro-Atlantic Area improving the overall cohesion of the Alliance and ensuring NATO can cooperate closely with important Partners.

Photographs: Finnish Air Force.