Azeri Press Agency
March 31, 2023

Iran’s state-level terrorism against Azerbaijan: All responsibility lies with Khamenei

Both countries [Iran and France] were distinguished by their sharp stance against Azerbaijan in the 44-day war….

Iran…provided both economic and military support to the official Yerevan.

This hypocrisy of the Mullah regime was shown during the 44-day war when our army obstructed [?] the liberation of the Khudafarin water power station from occupation, and when Armenia released the weapons sent by Russia during the war from its territory against the background of the closure of Georgia’s airspace.


A lover of orgy, Khamnei

If we pay attention to his personality, we can see that Ali Khamenei is completely away from religion, being a lover of orgy.


Ali Khamenei and his direct subordinate, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (SEPAH), often resort to such manipulations for their own political purposes. In this context, let’s take a brief look at the foreign policy of Iran and its wealth-loving leader, including the attitude towards Azerbaijan.

Today the destructive role of Iran is clearly seen in the internal policy of the countries which have great Shia communities, such as Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine, and Yemen.


The next target was Azerbaijan, which was independent after the collapse of the Soviet Union….

…Iranian authorities began to choose the path of repression and violence under the instructions of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

On January 27, 2023, there was an armed attack on the Azerbaijani embassy in Tehran….Although the Iranian side claimed that the incident was on a family-household basis, the inaction of security police in reality, etc. the facts leave no room for doubt that the terrorist act was committed by the supreme political leadership of Iran, under the direct instructions of Khamenei.

….Iranian leaderhip deployed SEPAH agents inside Azerbaijan, planned political murders that would disrupt political stability in the country, and forcefully introduced his Islamic model to Azerbaijan, nullifying the strategic advantage that Azerbaijan gained in relations with Armenia after the 44-day war.


Khamenei shows by his actions that he represents Islam only in name, is completely far from religious rules, humanism and religious solidarity, and uses religion only as an attractive tool for his own geopolitical interests.

Against the background of the recent protests about the hijab in Iran, the Iranian government, its leader Ali Khamenei and the SEPAH terrorist organization under his command proved their brutality by mercilessly killing more than 450 of their citizens.


But just like the collapse of the shah’s power in 1979, the terrorist regime in Iran is also expected to collapse in the near future.