June 22, 1941

A Google News search produces absolutely nothing (but one feature from last year)

What is most remarkable is there is nothing in the English-language Russian media on the topic.

Perhaps a case of parallelophobia. See this.

Here’s a study guide:

The entire European continent except for Sweden, Switzerland and western Turkey and Russia is united in a political-military alliance (Sweden and Switzerland, though, are partners) that promotes Euroatlantic values. The members of the alliance have armies that are Nazi-interoperable. The alliance claims that its Eastern Flank is threatened by an authoritarian opponent of the rules-based continental order, one which doesn’t share its European values, so on June 22 it attacks that country from points in the Baltic Sea, Central Europe and the Black Sea. Three million troops from the founder of the alliance and its allies pour into the eastern country with warplanes, tanks, artillery, missiles and tanks.