Remember, there is no such thing as NATO as an independent entity. It’s just an informal talk shop, a friendly forum, a debating society of Western democracies. One that is being threatened by Russia advancing toward its Eastern Flank. One that wants to save the world from authoritarian pushers-back against the rules-based international order, protect the one billion inhabitants of its loosely-affiliated affinity groups and promote all good things from the climate to Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE). Remember that. Or you’ll be hurt. Hurt bad. Real bad.

Brussels landmarks go NATO blue for Summit

Local landmarks will be emblazoned in NATO colours on the eve of the NATO Summit in Brussels (on 14 June). The leaders of the Alliance’s 30 countries are meeting at the alliance’s headquarters, to set an ambitious agenda for transatlantic security in a competitive world through their NATO 2030 initiative.