Hellenic Air Force – Key Player in the Western Balkans for NATO Air Policing

Controlled by NATO’s Combined Air Operations Centre at Torrejón, Spain, the Hellenic Air Force’s 1st Air Control Centre, RAP Production Centre and Sensor Fusion Post and the 2nd Control and Reporting Centre, Greece flies NATO Air Policing sorties out of all air bases in the country.

For Air Policing in the airspace of Montenegro and Albania, the Hellenic Air Force closely cooperates with the Italian Air Force, as both Allies keep fighter jets ready 24/7 for the mission. In the near future, the Hellenic Air Force will also contribute to the North Macedonia’s Air Policing with NATO Quick Reaction Alert fighter aircraft.


Rehearsal for war with Armenia, Greece and India: Turkey inaugurates NATO-backed bloc from Balkans to Chinese border

The rapidly-evolving military partnership between Turkey, Azerbaijan and Pakistan should be a matter of the gravest concern for Armenia, Greece and India. Especially in regard to Nagorno-Karabakh, Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean, and Kashmir, respectively. An Ankara-Baku-Islamabad axis would include, again, NATO’s second-largest member and largest partner state, the latter a nuclear power.

Turkish F-16s