1. Kenya
  2. Burkina Faso
  3. Somalia
  4. Tunisia
  5. Senegal
  6. Angola
  7. Morocco
  8. Uganda
  9. Libya
  10. Djibouti

Penetrating Africa: Turkey’s largest-ever armored vehicle deal

Turkey’s Katmerciler to supply more than 100 Hizir 4×4 armored vehicles to Kenya


Turkey exports minesweepers to Burkina Faso, in 1st to Africa

Turkish state-owned defense firm ASFAT will export its minesweeping equipment to Burkina Faso, following the vehicles’ sale to Azerbaijan where it is being used to clean its lands of mines left by occupying Armenian forces.

News of the sale was announced by Turkey’s Defense Ministry in a Twitter statement. The statement pointed out that this marks ASFAT’s first defense industry export to the region.


Turkey’s other war: Somalia


Syria warns that Tunisia may be Turkey’s next war front


Senegal can benefit from Turkey’s experience: Senegalese official

Aymerou Gningue, the chairperson of the Senegalese Parliament’s Turkey Friendship Committee, who is visiting Turkey at the invitation of Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Afyon Deputy Ibrahim Yurdunuseven, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that he will discuss ongoing developments and Turkey-Senegal relations with his Turkish counterparts.

“As Senegal, we need to diversify our partnership and relations,” Gningue said, adding that Turkey has become a vital actor in Africa with 43 embassies across the continent, which he said was not an easy task.


Angolan President Lourenco to visit Turkey, meet Erdoğan

Turkey-Angola relations will be reviewed in all its dimensions at the meeting – the first at the presidential level – along with opportunities to develop cooperation in various fields.

Turkey’s opening up to Africa, which dates back to the action plan adopted in 1998, took shape in 2005 when it was declared the “Year of Africa” by Ankara and Turkey was accorded observer status by the Africa Union the same year.


Morocco and Turkey: 65 years of friendship and cooperation

Excerpts from a piece written by the Moroccan ambassador to Turkey

In this regard, I am delighted to state that the mutual support for the respective territorial integrity [Western Sahara in the case of Morocco; in Turkey’s case….] was reaffirmed by both top diplomats. On this matter, I wish to hail the convergence of points of view, both on regional and international issues, also highlighted during this virtual meeting.

The United States of America announced its recognition of the Kingdom’s sovereignty over the Moroccan Western Sahara. This milestone recognition came in the framework of a tripartite agreement resuming the bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and Israel, a host country of more than one million citizens of Moroccan origins.

The American recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara will be enforced by the near future opening of a US consulate to Morocco in the southern Moroccan city of Dakhla.


Turkey in talks with Uganda over closure of FETÖ assets

Turkey expects Uganda to take action against Gülenist Terror Group (FETÖ)-linked institutions and organizations in the country, but no concrete action has been taken regarding the group’s activities amid discussions.

There are concerns that the Ugandan government is not moving fast enough to raise a red flag on all FETÖ activities in the country.


Top-level Turkish civilian-military delegation visits Libya


Turkey ratifies agreements with Djibouti, Georgia

Turkey has ratified agreements with Djibouti and Georgia in various areas, according to the Official Gazette on Friday.

The ratification of Air Services Agreement between the governments of Turkey and Djibouti that was signed in western Izmir province in May 2012 was published in the Gazette.

The agreement grants various rights to the airlines designated between the parties in order to carry out scheduled international air services on the directions specified in its annex.