Iran Lawmaker Warns Republic Of Azerbaijan Amid Apparent Tensions

Fada Hossein Maleki, an Iranian lawmaker and a member of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee has warned the neighboring Republic of Azerbaijan for obstructing transit of goods between Iran and Armenia and objected to a joint military exercise at the Iranian border by the military forces of Azerbaijan, Turkey and Pakistan.


He added that Iran also expects Turkey and Pakistan to seek Tehran’s views before arranging such joint exercises.

Maleki said, “Regardless of the label of the joint military exercise, security circles all over the world will perceive it differently.”


On the same day, two other Iranian lawmakers, Mohammad Reza Ahmadi Sangari(link is external) and Ahmad Naderi(link is external) also warned Baku to watch its behavior toward Tehran as one of them quoted an Azerbaijan Republic MP as having said that “Iran should be wiped off the map.”