Honorary mission of the Azerbaijani Army: One year has passed since the liberation of Zangilan

Thanks to the heroism of the brave Azerbaijani Army under the leadership of Muzaffar Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, one year has passed since the tricolor flag was hoisted in Zangilan. Exactly one year ago, the heroic Azerbaijani soldier, who sucked the blood of the enemy, reported to the Supreme Commander-in-Chief: “Dear Mr. President, Mr. Commander-in-Chief, in accordance with your order, I report that the city of Zangilan and surrounding areas have been liberated. At present, the Azerbaijani flag is waving. Long live Azerbaijan! Long live the Supreme Commander-in-Chief! Karabakh is Azerbaijan!”


The editor-in-chief of the “Voice of Zangilan” newspaper noted that in this life-and-death battle, we removed the black stain that does not fit into our history. For 27-28 years we have been relieved of the heavy burden on our shoulders and in our hearts. We have been spiritually and psychologically cleansed. Negative loads inside us were replaced by positive energy. The war we started in response to enemy provocations was also a glorious test for the nations living in our country. Our children, who took part in the war from all regions, showed an example of courage and fearlessness and proved that Azerbaijan is a land of brave sons from the very beginning.

Erdoğan to attend Fuzuli airport inauguration in Azerbaijan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will travel to Azerbaijan’s city of Fuzuli, recently liberated from Armenian occupation, to attend the inauguration ceremony of the newly constructed airport.