Polish Radio
April 19, 2022

Polish hospitals ready to treat 10,000 wounded Ukrainian soldiers: PM

Polish hospitals are prepared to admit up to 10,000 Ukrainian troops injured in combat against invading Russian forces, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has said.

The Polish prime minister made the declaration in Lviv, western Ukraine, on Tuesday, public broadcaster Polish Radio’s polskieradio24.pl website reported.

Visiting injured soldiers and civilians in a local hospital, Morawiecki told the media: “We are admitting and treating wounded soldiers from Ukraine.”

He added: “We are ready to admit up to 10,000 troops if necessary….”


He also stated: “Our hospitals are ready, and wounded soldiers are already being treated in Poland.”


Morawiecki’s words on Tuesday came after he last week confirmed that Ukrainian soldiers were being treated for war injuries in Poland.

At the time, Morawiecki said the wounded Ukrainian troops had arrived “from the frontlines” of their country’s “struggle against the Russian invasion,” including the capital Kyiv, the cities of Kharkiv and Sumy in northern Ukraine, Donbas in the east, and Mariupol and Kherson in the south.