Polish Radio
March 29, 2023

Germany, UK deliver battle tanks to Ukraine: officials

Germany delivered the 18 advanced main battle tanks after Ukrainian crews were trained to operate them, British broadcaster the BBC reported.

Eighteen is four more than previously agreed, according to news outlets.

German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius said the Leopards 2s “have made it into the hands of our Ukrainian friends as promised and on time.”

He added he was certain the Leopard 2s could “make a decisive contribution” on the frontlines of Ukraine’s war against the Russian assault.

Germany has also sent Ukraine two specialist tank-recovery vehicles and 40 Marder infantry fighting vehicles, according to the BBC.

Meanwhile, the first British Challenger 2 tanks have also been shipped to Ukraine, the country’s Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov said on Tuesday.

Reznikov added that the UK main battle tanks would “soon begin combat missions.”

Britain in January pledged to send 14 of the Challenger 2 machines to Ukraine….